NETFLIX Dead to me unfiltered EXPEriENCEs



CLIENT: Doner LA/ Netflix  

The Event:

To help launch the new series Dead to Me, Netflix and their agency, Doner LA, concepted a multi-station experience that invited participants to let their unfiltered emotions free through three distinct “rage room” acts that mirrored scenes from the show.

The Solutions
We scouted out an area in Wynwood with a ton of foot traffic for the even and created (3) custom craft booths to house a slo-mo cake smashing booth, a Corvette breaking experience and a scream booth that captured your aura.

The Takeaway
There were over 300 people per day over two days that took part in this activations with thousands of social media shares. Also, due to the location, thousands passed by and took their own pictures adding to the social media campaign.